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Cryptocurrency margin trading – the most dynamic segment of online trading nowadays that growing every month. Open a demand business just in 2 weeks using our turnkey solution!

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Now you have a solution to provide the most modern service on the market.
Check the list of possibilities that drive your business.


up to1:1000

up to1:1000



Available instruments





Different markets
Fiat Deposit/Withdraw
Crypto Deposit/Withdraw
Customizable Layout
Trade from charts
IB / Referral
Converter (Crypto-Fiat, Fiat-Crypto)
Copy Trading

Time for your brokerage

Wide range of instruments. Super leverage. Customizable layout, Copy trading…
It’s a solution for riding a trends!

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1. Liquidity

Get access to aggregated liquidity for more than 800 instruments: FX & Spot, Equities
(Shares) and Crypto.

Institutional Liquidity

Aggregated from Tier 1 banks, liquidity providers
and exchanges. Huge volumes, tight spreads
and fast execution!

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Risk Management

Control your A-book positions through
PrimeXM & OneZero advanced platforms.

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Margin account in any fiat or crypto

Remove your risk of volatility. Nominate your margin account and trading accounts in the same currency.

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2.Back Office

Manage your business internally with ease.

Manage your clients and IBs

Gather information on your clients so you can provide
the best service and support.

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Manage your operations

Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, KYC, etc.

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Manage your risk

Monitor your client’s trades and manage your order book. Simple yet powerful!

A-Book execution
B-Book execution

3.User Interfaces

Advanced modules delivering the optimal experience for your customers.
Complex operations with simple interface

Trade with any leverage

Hedge with leverage from 1:5 to 1:100. Supercharge
your trades with leverage up to 1:1000.

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Advanced UI

Instant deposit and withdrawal, trading statistics,
analytics and transaction history.

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IB module

Reinvent your marketing strategy. Create and track a multi-level referral program and increase your revenue.

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Advanced trading platforms

Work with most powerful platforms for margin trading

Aggregated liquidity. More than 800 instruments: FX&Spot,
Equities (Shares) & Crypto.

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Crypto margin trading

Direct market access. Single margin account. Long and short orders. Competitive leverage.
No holidays or weekends.

6 Asset classes
800+ Instruments
24/7 Customer support
14 Days for start

Crypto Wallets

with Auto Withdrawals

A secure and fully transparent payment method.
Built and operated directly on the blockchain.

Fiat Gateway

Any PSP with an API. 25+ already integrated. Any
currency can be supported.

KYC Providers

Automated checks. Multiple anti-fraud technologies.
Branded UIs for KYC&AML procedures.

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